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Virtual image guidelines

Welcome to our images downloads section. When downloading images from this website, please take the following under consideration:

  • All images are in VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) format, which makes them suitable for VMWare and Oracle VirtualBox hypervisors.
  • You will have to adjust network to either acquire IP address over DHCP or set it up manually.
  • Images are using auto-generated passwords, you can find them in a vm_password.txt file after you download and extract the image package.
  • All actions mentioned above are well documented on this website, starting with Ubuntu 16.04 initial customization. Also Type column in the table below will have a link to a corresponding article if any.
  • You are free to modify the image in any way you want.

Image downloads

 Downloads - Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 Minimal install 517 MB 12fa0d67e8f1343d4688729e3d3c2e4b DOWNLOAD
    eOS 0.4 Loki Minimal install 1.8 GB 668636df5f5452052dcf2c916da6b79a DOWNLOAD