Update your Debian based distributions in one step

I cannot stress enough how important is to update your operating system. There are millions of reasons why to do it, and they are all pro, starting with security issues, stability of the system itself, feature upgrades and so on. Your operating system is like a plant; you need to water it on a daily basis and protect it from various parasites so it can grow and continue to be beautiful. This article will describe how to do your “tending and watering” with a help of a single script and all in one shot.


Update your system! Right now, and make a habit of doing it. And do it at least once a week. You will be happy and your system will be grateful.

There are several ways you can update your operating system. If running a Desktop, there are a variety of GUI tools which can perform the task. Tools like Synaptic, Software Center, Kpackage, GNOME Software and so on. On server installations, there are no GUI tools, so you will use CLI tools like apt, apt-get, or aptitude which actually has a basic GUI and is also my preferred update tool.  Continue reading “Update your Debian based distributions in one step”